Caracole Opposes Ohio House Bill 658

Proposed Ohio House Bill 658 (1) requires teachers, counselors (and other government agencies) to notify parents in writing if a child “demonstrates a desire to be treated in a manner opposite” of their “biological sex” and (2) requires written authorization from all birth parents and legal guardians before trans-related medical care, counseling or education is issued and prohibits the state from taking action (such as custody determinations) when parents refuse to provide medically-necessary care. Authorizing or providing treatment or counseling without parental   consent would be a felony.

Caracole, its partners in GLSEN and Equality Ohio, as well as opponents from teachers groups, ACLU and many others, feel that this bill asks teachers to police what behavior is gender appropriate and also orders them to “out” children who confide in them, endangering children and placing them in the path of abuse. It also blocks children from access to medical care and from protection from parental abuse where issues of gender identity or sexual orientation are involved. Caracole, in its vision of a healthy, inclusive  community, opposes proposed Ohio HB 658.



EMAIL a member of the Ohio House Community and Family Advancement Committee.
  • Click on any of the 15 Representatives on the right side of the above website. It will link to the Representative’s page with a link to contact them.
  • In the email form, enter your information, write “House Bill 658” in the subject line and copy and paste the message below (substituting your preferred text as necessary.)
  • Repeat for ALL 15 Representatives and get all your friends to do the same.
My name is ________________. I’m writing in regard to House Bill 658, as I am deeply concerned about the dangers this bill poses to children and to our community. In forcing teachers to determine gender appropriate behavior and to “out” trans, queer, or gender non-conforming students, it violates the trust between students and teachers and places youth in danger at school and at home. The bill’s consent requirements prevent children from accessing medically necessary care and allow for non-custodial parents to intervene in family decision making. Our Ohio schools, courts, and medical providers should live by the current standard: to consider the best interests of the child. This unnecessary and dangerous bill is opposed by teachers, medical providers, the LGBTQ community, and by advocates for children and youth. Do not sacrifice children’s well-being for a political agenda; do not move this bill forward.
Thank you.
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