The Basics

  • HIV negative individuals can take medicine to reduce their risk of contracting HIV.
  • Studies have shown when taken as prescribed, PrEP is between 92-100% effective in preventing HIV infection, and is even more effective when combined with condoms and other prevention strategies.
  • Currently, the once-daily pill Truvada ® is the only FDA-approved drug for PrEP.
  • As with any medication, missed doses can reduce its effectiveness.
  • In Ohio, those who are at highest risk of HIV exposure include gay and bisexual men, people who inject drugs, transgender women, straight women of color, and people who trade sex for money or other things.
  • If you have had an exposure to HIV in the last 3 days, you might consider PEP (post-exposure) instead of PrEP. When started early, PEP can often ward off an HIV infection before it takes hold in your body.

Please visit the Centers for Disease Control’s website for additional details on PrEP.

How Do I Get PrEP?

  • PrEP is available by prescription from doctors, nurse practitioners, and/or physician assistants. See the list below for local PrEP providers.
  • Visit a health center, your local AIDS Service Organization, or your doctor’s office.
  • Be prepared: you will need to discuss your sexual health when you ask for PrEP for HIV prevention.
  • To obtain PrEP you must test negative for HIV and agree to regular lab tests to monitor your health.
  • Most private health insurance and Medicaid plans cover PrEP.
  • PrEP takes about 1–3 weeks to reach the highest levels of protection.

List of Hamilton County PrEP Providers

*Also provides HIV care and treatment.

Mercy Health Partners
Richard Goodman, MD*

Bruce Hamilton, MD*

Emily Simpson, MD*

Ravi Vodela, MD*

4750 E Galbraith Rd,


Cincinnati, OH  45246

(513) 735-1529 Referral from primary care
Stephen Wilson, MD, MSc 11550 Winton Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
(513) 924-8200
The Christ Hospital
John Cafardi, MD*

Douglas Haas, MD*

Thomas Lamarre, MD*

Patricia Young, MD*

Jan Stockton, MSN

2123 Auburn Ave.,


Cincinnati, OH  45219

(513) 585-2791
Marshall McHenry, MD 312 Walnut St., #1160

Cincinnati, OH  45202


5885 Harrison Ave.

Cincinnati, OH  45248

(513) 251-9900
Infectious Disease Consultants of NKY
Chad Peterson, MD

Dora V. Savani, MD

Vidya Devarajan, MD

20 Medical Village Dr. #355, Edgewood KY  41017 (859) 344-1512 *if Primary care is unwilling, HD or consumer can refer
Stephen Blatt, MD*

Scott Friedstrom, MD*

3219 Clifton Ave., #315

Cincinnati, OH  45220

(513) 624-0999 Referral from primary care
UC Health
Robert Findley, MD

Kay Johnson, MD*

Veer Patel, MD

9275 Montgomery Rd.,


Cincinnati, OH  45242

(513) 936-4510
Keith Luckett, MD* 222 Piedmont

Cincinnati, OH  45219

(513) 584-6977 option 1
Kelli Williams, MD* Holmes Bldg., 1st Floor

Cincinnati, OH  45219

Sarah Pickle, MD Univ. Health Services

Lindner Center, 3rd fl.

Cincinnati, OH  45219

(513) 556-2564 Available to UC students only
Diana Moore, NP* 3200 Vine Street

Cincinnati, OH  45220



VAMC primary care referral