Linda Seiter

Executive Director

Mark McComas
Chief Financial Officer

Midge Hines, LISW-S
Director of Client Services

Ellie Singleton
Director of Development

Mary Lou Wolf
Director of Operations

Megan Green
Community Investment Coordinator

Suzanne Moore
Associate Director, Housing Services

Jen Ridenour
Government Grants Manager

Dean Clevenger
Office Manager

Daniel Leesman
Finance Coordinator

Brent Hartke, LISW-S
Associate Director, Case Management and Prevention Services

Karen Dengler, LISW-S
Linda King, LISW-S
Rochell Kuhlman, LISW-S
Clinical Supervisors

Anne Balsley, LSW
John Guagenti, M.Ed., LSW
Carolyn Yorio, LSW
Case Managers/Team Lead

Case Managers:
Sarah Adams, MSW, LSW
Valerie Costello, LSW
Maleika Craig, MSW, LSW
Allison Cremering, MSW, LSW
Caroline Daley, BSW, LSW
Jenny Fessler, MSW, LSW
Sheri Garman, BSW
Christie-Lee Griffin
Phyllis Hayden, LSW
Linda Kokenge, LISW
Mary Kulakoski-Hoerr, LISW-S
April Martin, MSW, LSW

Claire Scott, BSW, LSW
Michael Volmer, LSW

Shelby Yacchari, BSW, LSW
Sophia Zapf, LISW-S

Bri’Ana Geans, LSW
Brandi Rahim, LSW
Medical Care Coordinators

Adam Reilly
Prevention Manager

Tavon Hall
Health Educators

Matt Parker
Site-Based Housing Program Manager

Jeff Schlabach, MA
Case Aide & Intake Support

Katie Carman
Case Aide

Lydia Mahaney
Sara Mulhauser
Brittany Richardson
Housing Specialists