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Find out your HIV status with an at-home test kit.

At-Home HIV Testing

Caracole offers FREE HIV self-testing kits that you can use at home or in any private location to find out your HIV status.

The HIV test kits are available by mail order* and will be delivered directly to the address you provide. Simply press the “Order Now” button to get started! They are also available at Caracole’s in-person community-based events—visit our HIV Testing page for those locations.

* The HIV self-test kits are also available at Caracole’s in-person, community-based events—visit our HIV Testing page for those locations.

A pair of men looking through the OraQuick HIV at home testing kit.

What’s included

An Oral HIV Antibody Test

The FREE at-home HIV test is an antibody test that allows you to test quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home or any private location. The test is an oral swab, so there’s no need to draw blood.

The OraQuick HIV at Home testing Kit.

The at-home HIV test kit, made by OraQuick, includes:

  • Caracole at-home test kit information card
  • Caracole staff contact card
  • Caracole safer sex kit, containing condoms, lube and a safer-sex practices pamphlet
  • Durable case containing all test kit contents
  • Pouch containing a single-use test device
  • Pouch containing a test tube filled with 1mL of liquid
  • Disposable bag
  • Pencil
  • Detailed testing directions on how to administer the test attached to the plastic box
  • Pre-test booklet from the manufactuer Oraquick: HIV, Testing & Me
  • Post-test booklet from the manufactuer Oraquick: What your results mean to you!
Our at-home test kits are delivered by the USPS in a nondescript package. The label on the package will have the name and address you provide in the survey form below. 

how to use

Results in 3 Easy Steps







A person holding a OraQuick at home HIV test.
A person holding the OraQuick testing swab and directions.
A man collecting a sample of saliva.
OraQuick box test showing the instructions

Learn About

HIV Self-Test Results

Knowing your status gives you powerful information so you can take control of your health. No matter your status—we’re here to help. Learn next steps below based on your test result.

Call (513) 761-1480 to speak with one of our Health Educators.

Meet our team

Health Educators

Ariel Shaw
Ariel Shaw
Health Educator
George Elias, Jr., CDCA
George Elias, Jr., CDCA
Health Educator
JeMarr Jackson
JeMarr Jackson
Health Educator
Jessica Lauber
Jessica Lauber
Prevention Coordinator
Zoey Peach
Zoey Peach
Health Educator, Team Lead

Questions about the OraQuick HIV test? Visit Oraquick for answers to their Frequently Asked Questions.

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