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Frequently Asked Questions


What is it like to work for Caracole?

All of us work hard to achieve the Caracole mission, vision and values. We have fun, we laugh, we support each other; and we also hold each other to high standards for client care. Throughout the agency, we follow a harm reduction and housing first philosophy, using motivational interviewing techniques to serve our clients without barriers or judgement. We offer a lot of flexibility; we hope people can bring their true selves to work; we respect competence, and we emphasize learning and growth.

Most of our staff work a hybrid schedule with some days in community, some in the office, and some working from home. Most of our jobs are full time, day hours; our prevention and outreach teams may work nontraditional hours at community events; our Caracole House staff work nights and weekends onsite.

What are pay and benefits?

Starting pay rates are shown in our job postings. Caracole benchmarks its pay ranges to meet or exceed that of similar nonprofit social service agencies in our area and provides annual increases. Benefits include:

  • Health insurance, dental, vision and a 401k retirement plan with company match.
  • Short- and long-term disability insurance, life insurance and employee assistance plan.
  • Generous paid time off: 11 paid holidays, 13 days of vacation time in first year and 12 sick leave days per year.
Am I at risk for HIV through work at Caracole?

HIV is not spread by casual or workplace contact. There is no risk of getting with HIV by being in the same office, shaking hands, using the same equipment or sharing bathroom facilities with someone who is living with HIV. HIV is transmitted through specific body fluids—blood, semen, genital fluids and breast milk. Unprotected sex or sharing needles or injection equipment are the most common ways HIV is transmitted, and these activities do not occur in the workplace.  For more information on HIV/AIDS transmission see our HIV: The Basics resource.

I am living with HIV/I am a Caracole client. Can I work for Caracole?

Caracole prioritizes hiring people with lived experience with HIV as well as people who are at risk for HIV. If you fit the skills and qualifications, you can be a client and an employee at the same time. Please check the employment listings to see if there are positions that fit your skills and interests.

I have a criminal conviction on my record. Can I work for Caracole?

Yes, absolutely. Caracole is a re-entry friendly employer. When we review background checks, we look at the type of offense and how it might relate to the job the candidate is applying for; we look at how long ago it happened, and what the candidate has done since the offense.

I am an injection drug user. Can I work for Caracole?

Caracole values hiring people with lived experience of the risk factors for HIV, such as people who used drugs in the past and are now in recovery. However, we are a drug-free work environment. We cannot employ a person who uses illegal substances at work, who comes to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who risks arrest for possession or trafficking while in our employ.

I am a student. Do you offer internships?

Caracole has placed a pause on internships until Spring 2023. If you are seeking an internship for summer or fall 2023, email [email protected] and we will get back in touch.

Where are you located? Do you have international/national work opportunities?

Caracole serves Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Our jobs require work at our Northside office or at Caracole House in Cincinnati.  All employees must be able to meet with staff and clients in person in the Cincinnati area. We are not able to sponsor international visas.

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