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Case Management

I recently tested positive for HIV. What should I do next?

For support and enrollment in case management services as needed, please call our main number at 513.761.1480 to request an appointment with our intake coordinators.

What can case management services help me with?

Individual support maintaining medical care and medication adherence, assistance with the cost of HIV medical care, medications, dental services, mental health care and health insurance premiums (income guidelines apply), referrals for substance abuse and/or mental health recovery/treatment, and help connecting with other service providers and resources.

What are the requirements for enrollment in case management services?

Individuals must live in the state of Ohio in the service areas of Caracole and have an HIV diagnosis.

How much do case management services cost?

Services are free, thanks to federal, state and city grants and donations from generous individuals, foundations and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.

How do I access HIV case management? Do I need to come in person?

To inquire about case management services, please call our main number at 513.761.1480 to request an appointment with our intake coordinators. At this time, intake assessments are being completed by telephone.

Can I receive case management services from Caracole if I do not live in the state of Ohio?

Caracole provides case management services to Ohio residents living in Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Highland, and Warren counties only.

Where do I go for case management services if I live outside of Caracole’s service area?

Please contact your local health department for information on the nearest AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs).

What is the Ryan White Program?

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is the largest federal program focused exclusively on providing HIV care and treatment services to people living with HIV. The program provides a comprehensive system of care for people living with HIV who are uninsured or underinsured.

What types of medical services will the Ryan White program not cover?

Ryan White funds are not eligible to be used for inpatient care or hospitalization, urgent care, non-HIV related care, and ambulance transportation.

How long will I receive case management services if I’m enrolled?

Case management services can be accessed on an ongoing basis for as long as you remain eligible. You and your case manager may discuss graduation from services if you are able to manage your needs independently.

Will my HIV status be kept confidential?

Caracole respects your privacy. Per HIPAA guidelines, your information will only be shared with your permission as needed to help in the delivery of your care.

What does the intake process look like? What are next steps after intake?

Intake involves assessment to determine eligibility for services. When appropriate, you will be referred for case management services following intake and be assigned to work with an individual case manager. Your case manager will contact you to schedule your initial appointment and begin the process of providing support and access to financial assistance through the Ryan White program.

What if I’m not a US citizen?

We welcome all eligible individuals. Citizenship or immigration status will not impact your eligibility for services with Caracole.

I’m not sure who my case manager is. How do I find this out?

The best way is to call Caracole directly during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Our main number is 513.761.1480. Please provide your name and phone number, and the message will be given to your case manager who will follow up with you.

Will a case manager go with me or help get me to my medical appointments?

Once you are enrolled into our case management program, you and your case manager will discuss your individual needs and determine what is most appropriate for you.

Do I need to come to my case management appointments in person?

At this time, you and your case manager can discuss best options for your situation, whether in-person or over the phone. However, future program policies may require in person meetings.

Will a case manager come to my home to provide services?

Once you are enrolled into our case management program, you and your case manager will discuss your individual needs and determine an appropriate plan.

What is OHDAP?

OHDAP is the Ohio HIV Drug Assistance Program, which is administered by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).  It is also known as ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program). This program assists people with the cost of their HIV and other medications.

Does OHDAP cover more than HIV meds?

Yes. Besides HIV medication, OHDAP can assist with most other medications, but some medications are excluded. OHDAP can also assist with the cost of health insurance premiums for private insurance, Medicare Part D plans, COBRA, and ACA plans (financial eligibility requirements apply). Medicare Part B premiums are NOT covered.

How do I qualify for OHDAP?

To qualify, an applicant must be HIV positive, a resident of Ohio, meet the financial eligibility guidelines (500% of the Federal Poverty Level, based on household size), and re-enroll every six months. Your case manager can assist you with the enrollment process. Individuals who exceed the financial eligibility guidelines may still be eligible for case management and prescription co-pay assistance through our 340B pharmacy services.

What are 340B pharmacy services?

Avita and CCN Pharamacy are mail-order pharmacies that provide both HIV and non-HIV medications to clients who are enrolled. Caracole contracts with Avita and CCN Pharmacy and is able to offer co-pay assistance through this service established by the 340B Drug Pricing Program.

How do I qualify for 340B pharmacy services?

To qualify, one must be enrolled in case management services and have either private health insurance or a Medicare Part D plan. Avita and CCN Pharmacy must be in-network with the health insurance plan. There are no income eligibility requirements to be eligible for this program.

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