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We provide housing and support services to individuals living with HIV, and their families, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Our housing program offers:

  • Assistance with deposit, rent, mortgage or utility costs in the short term
  • Long-term housing subsidies
  • Support in gaining the skills and resources to maintain stable housing
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Call our intake line at (513) 619-1465 to speak with a Caracole staff member.

Caracole wants to make sure that you and your friends and family are treated with respect. Your rights are listed below. If we have not lived up to this promise, we need you to let us know. Please download and follow our guide to report a concern.

Your rights as a Caracole client:

Caracole Housing clients have additional rights and responsibilities regarding our rental subsidies and the HMIS (Information System).

For details, visit:
HMIS Consent Form
Occupancy, Tenancy and Assistance Termination

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to get housing assistance at Caracole?

Caracole provides housing and support services to individuals living with HIV, and their families, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Once a referral is made from Shelterhouse or your case manager, Caracole housing staff will review your application and may get in touch with you to clarify your situation and needs. Once you are approved for assistance, you will need to complete intake and provide some documentation. Then staff can work with you on finding housing or making assistance payments. This process can take several weeks depending on program availability and your needs.

Does Caracole have emergency housing?

Caracole does not have emergency housing. If you need emergency housing, it is best to contact the CAP line at 513.381.7233 to get information about local shelters and rental assistance programs.

You can also go to one of these Shelterhouse locations:

I need long-term housing help. How do I get connected?
If you are currently homeless, talk with a shelter or street outreach worker about getting referred for housing assistance. If you are not homeless, your case manager can talk with you about the assistance you may qualify for.
I am behind on my rent and utilities. Can Caracole help me?
Caracole offers short-term rent, mortgage and utility assistance to people living with HIV. Contact your case manager to be referred to this program.
What do I do if I am HIV+ and need immediate housing services?

Unfortunately, Caracole does not have immediate or emergency housing services. If you have an immediate housing need, it is best to contact the CAP line at 513.381.SAFE (7233) for information on local shelters and shelter diversion programs.

I'm homeless and need to find a shelter. Where can I go?

To find an available shelter, please call the Central Access Point (CAP) Line at 513.381.SAFE (7233). Intake specialists will gather information about your situation and help place you in a shelter or provide a referral to a partner agency for help.

I am HIV negative. Can I still receive housing services from Caracole?

Caracole’s housing programs are only for people who are HIV positive.

Can Caracole help pay for moving expenses?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with the cost of moving expenses.  Please call the United Way at 211 to see if other community resources are available.

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